Indoor Rowing, otherwise known as Ergometer rowing after the name of the equipment used for this type of sport, has been widely used in training and preparation of athletes for many years. But recently, indoor rowing has grown from a tool for off-the-water training for the serious rower to a sport in its own right.

The ergometer has become the standard tool for judging a rower's speed over 2,000 metres. It has become a fixture in boathouses and gymnasiums around the world and is also widely used by athletes of other sports for cross training. The rowing ergometer is now commonplace in fitness centres, introducing non-rowers to the rowing action and helping to create a sport in itself.

In Sri Lanka, the Bolgoda Lake Rowing Club (BLRC) and Kotalawala Defence University (KDU) will conducted the inaugural Bolgoda Indoor Rowing Championship (BIRC) in 2010 at BLRC premises. This is the first occasion in the history of the sport that an indoor rowing championship is being conducted in the country.

The very first National Indoor Rowing Championship in Sri Lanka was successfully conducted in 2015, over three consecutive days of competition which was organised by General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU) and Bolgoda Lake Rowing Club (BLRC) along with the Amateur Rowing Association of Sri Lanka (ARASL) at the Kotelawala Defence University Indoor Basket Ball complex. A total number of 62 events were held with the participation of 250 male and 120 female competitors representing 14 schools, three universities, two clubs and Tri-forces rowing athletes.

The next competition is due to be held in 2018 in a grand scale.