Regatta Course


Introduction to the Course

The two banks of the Regatta course will be referred as the Water’s Edge bank and Buthgamuwa bank. The two ends will be referred to as the Boardwalk End (Start Line) and Asoka Vidyalaya End (Finish Line).


Course Traffic Plan

a.    All crews are to launch the boats from the “Out Pier” on Buthgamuwa bank and row in the Service/ Warm up Lane towards the Start Line along the Buthgamuwa bank itself.
b.    Crews are to watch out for boats racing down on Lane Four next to the Service/ Warm up Lane and ensure that there are no disruptions to ongoing races.
c.    Boats returning to the pier are to come along Buthgamuwa bank and enter to the “In pier”


Lane and distance markers

Lane No. 1 will be along “Water’s Edge bank” and Lane No.4 will be along the “Buthgamuwa bank” with Lane No. 2 and 3 in between.

Distance will be marked at every 250 meters on either side of the course. 


Course Marshalsand umpires

Course Marshals will be standing-by on Buthgamuwa bank tocontrol movements of boats moving to the Start Line due to the narrowing of the service lane at few points.

Start umpires will follow boats in races from the start to the 1000m mark and return to start. Course umpire at the 1000m mark will follow boats from the 1000m mark to the finish and return to the 1000m mark.

Finish umpires will be stationed at finish line on the Buthgamuwa Bank.

Please pay attention to warnings of the course marshals and umpires at all times.


Use of piers

Two piers – 30 feet in length will be available.Pier one will be the “Out pier” and pier two will be the “In pier”. Please refer Figure 2 regarding location of piers.

Please ensure that only the crews setting out to race/ coming in after a race and two (02) helpers are on the pier at any given time.

There will be two additional piers along the course also used to launch/ dock boats.

Teams setting out are to ensure they are at the Start Line on time after reporting to the Umpire and obtaining the lane number.


Stake boats

There will be four stake boats at the Start Line and crews are requested to carefully back the boats to the stake boats.


Crossing the regatta course

No competitors are to cross the regatta course during warm up.


For further information please contact the DRC Administrator

Mr Sithira Wickramasekera on 0777723130

For payments and finance related matters contact Mr Damith Subasinghe Hony.

Treasurer ARASL on 0777 896335