Logistics & Admin


Route to the Regatta Site

If using the Battaramulla - Kaduwela Road, passing Battaramulla Town – Turn Left into Koswatta Road – Passing the Thalangama Police Station (on the right side) – turn left onto road leading to Ashoka Vidyalaya Cricket Grounds.

If using Ambagaha Junction route – Turn into Koswatta Road and follow Koswatta Road until you reach road leading to Ashoka Vidyalaya Cricket Grounds on right side – turn right into road leading to Ashoka Vidyalaya Cricket Grounds.

The Diyawanna Rowing Centre will be on your left, behind the cricket grounds. See Figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Route to Regatta Site


Hints for smooth movement of boats

a.    Transport the boats during the weekend to avoid Office Traffic on the Battaramulla Road.
b.    We highly recommend the entire operation is carried out under the supervision by the Coaches in consultation with the DRC Administrator.


Storage of boats and oars

Affiliates are requested to clearly mark all boats and equipment and provide a detailed list of such equipment which requires storage to the DRC Administrator or the DRC boat technician. DRC will endeavor to provide racks to store the boats on a first-come-first-served basis. Affiliates are requested to liaise and corporate with the DRC Administrator in this regard.  


Security of the boats

DRC will provide security for the boats from 1 to 25 September 2017. However, Affiliates are responsible to ensure the security of their equipment as far as possible. DRC will not be held responsible for any damages, loss or breakages to any boats or equipment.


Withdrawal of boats from the site

All Boats need to be cleared from the site on 25th September 2017 upon conclusion of the regatta. Any specific requirements for extended storage can be discussed with the DRC Administrator.  


Changing rooms and toilet facilities

The DRC boat house has 2 changing rooms with toilet facilities for use by male and female athletes and one new changing room for exclusive use by female athletes. In addition 6 mobile toilets will be made available during the regatta from 21 to 23 September 2017 for use by athletes and spectators.


Keep the Regatta site and lake clean

Garbage bins will be available at different points at the venue. Please assist the organizers to keep the Regatta site and the lake clean.


Meals and Refreshments

There will be food and beverage outlets at the Regatta Site.


Safety launch

DRC has a full time safety launch available on site. Enquire from DRC Administrator or Boat Technician for details.



All payments of fees on the day to be made direct to the ARASL Hony Treasurer.