Competition Rules


1. Selection of the National Rowing Champions

The National Overall Winners/ National Champions would be the winners of the Men/WomenOpen category. Institutions are not permitted to publish the claim of "National Champions" other than the Open category Winners.


2. The Overall points would be awarded based on the number of Gold medal placings in each event (As per the previous year format which was based on the Olympics points scheme)


3. Event Categories

The event categories are;

i. Under 18 (1x,2x,2-,4+)
ii. Over 18 (1x,2x,2-,4+)
iii. Open (1x,2x,2-,4-) Men's & Women's
iv. School Boy/ School Girl Sculls

There will be an exhibition 8+ race as well.


4. The better crew should be classified as the “A” crew. ?


5. Athletes should be 18 years or under the age of 18 years by 1stJanuary 2017 or after, to take part in the Under 18 category. Athletes over 18 years as at 1st January2017 should take part in the over 18 category.

A boat consisting athletes both Under 18 and Over 18 (“mixed boat”) can participate in Over 18 events while the individual Under 18 athletes can participate in Under 18 events – however not in the same type of boat (sweep/ scull). Eg. If the mixed boat participates in the Over 18 4+, the individual Under 18’s can only participate in Under 18 sculling races – not sweep races and vice versa.

A boat consisting athletes both Under 18 and Over 18 cannot participate in Under 18 events.

There is no age limit for the Open category, but athletes should be experienced senior oarsmen and women.


6. Number of events per institution and per athlete

An institution can enter only 2 boats per event.

An Athlete can take part in only two events in any category including the Open.

This excludes the school boy/girl event. Coxes are excluded and will be allowed to cox two events & participate as an oarsman/woman in two events.


7. Reserves cannot take part in more than two events. ?


8. Past Winners of School Boy/Girl 1X can take part in the event as long as they are in school as at September 2017


9. Entry Fees

Entry Fees of LKR 3000/- per a participant/ per event has to be paid along with the entry form including all past dues of Annual Subs and other dues.


10. Entering reserves

Reserve rowers could be entered only in the event a member of the original crew is ill. However, the reserves cannot be entered after a crew has completed one race. If the same rower is in two different events he/she cannot row the second event as well if a reserve has been entered to one event.


11. Accreditation

Upon submitting Entries and payment of fees all registered athletes will be provided an accreditation card. These accreditation cards will be provided to institution representatives at a meeting prior to the competition.

Athletes without accreditation cards will not be permitted to compete – therefore it is vital that these are kept safely for the entire duration of the regatta.

On race days, it is mandatory that for each race, the athletes/ cox or representative from the institution provides the competing athletes accreditation cards to the Regatta Secretariat in order to obtain their lane number.

When the race is concluded, athletes are required to return the lane number cards to the Regatta Secretariat and retrieve their accreditation cards.


12. Reporting to Regatta Secretariat Prior to Races

All athletes have to report to the Regatta Secretariat 45 minutes before their race for crew identification (submitting accreditation cards) – weighing (for Open category only) – and obtaining lane numbers.

Boats will not be allowed to compete without lane number cards issued by the Regatta Secretariat.

Please follow instructions provided in item 11 Accreditation (above).


13. Reporting to the Start Umpire

All crews are to report to the Start Umpire 5 minutes before their race with their lane number cards displayed on the boat.


14. Starting Procedure

a. Crews must attach themselves to their start pontoons at least two (02) minutes before the start time of their race.
b. Two minutes before the designated start time, the Starter shall announce “Two minutes” and this shall signify to the crews that they are formally under Starter’s orders.
c. The announcement of “Two minutes” shall also be an instruction to the crews to prepare to race i.e., remove additional clothing, check equipment etc.?
d. Before giving the start command, the Starter shall make a roll call by announcing – in lane order – the names of each of the crews in the race. Once the roll call begins the crews must make sure that their boats are straight. Each crew is responsible for being both straight and ready to race at the end of the roll call.?
e. Once the roll call begins the Starter shall not take notice of any crew which then indicates that it is not ready or that it is not straight.
f. After the last crew has been named in the roll call the Starter shall say: “Attention”. The Starter shall then raise the red flag. ?
g. After a clear pause the Starter shall give the start by dropping the red flag quickly to one side and simultaneously saying: “Go!”.?
h. Ifin exceptional cases the Starter may decide not to use the normal start with the roll call and inform that the “Quick Start” shall be used.


15. During the race

All crews are responsible to ensure that they row in the assigned lane.

The Umpire shall decide if a crew is in its lane or is interfering with another crew and if in his/ her opinion feels that such interference has affected another crew – maydisqualify the crew causing the interference.


16. In the event such infringement does not affect the final outcome of the race the umpire may not disqualify the crew causing the interference.?


17. The Umpire shall warn crew who are interfering or may interfere with another crew during the race.


18. In all such instances the umpire may or may not refer the incident to the Jury. ?


19. Objections

A crew claiming that its race was not in order may make an objection to the Umpire immediately after the finish of the race and before leaving the area of the finish line by a member of the crew raising an arm. To be valid the objection must be made before the boat has left in the immediate area of the finish line and before the crew disembarks. Such objection may only concern the conduct of the race.


20. Based on the objection the Umpire may;

i. reject the crew’s objection
ii. may accept the crew’s objection or
iii. may decide to seek further information regarding the case


21. Protests

A crew or crews whose objection has been rejected or who are affected by the acceptance of the objection, or a crew that has been disqualified or excluded or ruled DNS = Did Not Start (failed to start race without notification) or DNF = Did Not Finish (started race but did not complete it) as well as crews disputing the published results may lodge a protest in writing to the President of the Jury not later than one hour after the Umpire has communicated his decision regarding the objection or, in the case of disputing the published results, not later than one hour after the results have been published. It shall be accompanied by a payment of Rs.5,000 to the ARASL Hony. Treasurer, which amount shall be refunded if the protest or a subsequent appeal is allowed.


22. Yellow and Red cards

When a warning indicated by a Yellow Card or disqualification indicated by a Red Card is awarded to a crew, the penalized crew shall be informed immediately or as soon thereafter as possible.


23. Weight restrictions

There are no weight restrictions for rowers or coxswains


24. Coxswains

In the event there is a dearth of rowers in teams, the crews may utilize women coxes in men’s crews and vice-versa.


25. Rowing Attire

All members of the crew must be dressed in similar attire, including headwear and socks.


26. Display of Sponsor Logos

All crews shall refrain from displaying any form of sponsor logo on crew attire and boats & equipment that may conflict with the sponsors of the ARASL.


27. Any other special rules

The ARASL will convey any other rules and regulations in addition to the above that may require for fair running of the races from time to time and also refer the FISA Rule book for judgments on extreme cases.

For further information please contact the Executive Committee Member in Charge Mr Lushantha De Silva – Vice President on 0777 398144 or

President of the Jury Mr Lakmal Wickramage – Former National Coach on 0777371627